• System Builder Issues and Recalculations

    Through support requests and our own internal QA procedures, we have recently identified three issues with the system builder and system statistics. The first two of these issues are seemingly random (making them difficult to de-bug) in that, for some cases the data was applied correctly, and in other cases the data was incorrect. 

    The first issue was with the Betfair SP dividends. It was discovered that in some cases the incorrect dividend was applied. This was traced to an issue where there were multiple race codes on at the same venue on the same day (for example Warragul races and Warragul trots). This has been rectified, dividends corrected and systems statistics have been recalculated.

    The second issue is with the apprentice jockey filter and jockey claims in the systems builder. The source of this issue has been identified and we are close to implementing a fix for this. Once this fix has been implemented, we will commence to backfill apprentice jockey flags and claims, and then recalculate systems which use either of these filters.

    The third issue is to do with Back systems which utilise Betfair SP as the chosen pricing mechanism. While Creating or Editing the rules for Back systems using Betfair SP, the Betfair commission rate is correctly calculated and deducted. However, once Saved, the system performance does not take into account the Betfair commission rate. We will be rectifying this, as well as making sure that all systems which are made "public" are resulted with a 0% commission discount rate (for Back and Lay types). Most users may not be aware of this setting within the User 'Account Settings' area. It is set at 0% commission discount by default, as this is the worst case scenario (i.e. no discount is applied to the standard Betfair commission rate structure based on each State, resulting in the highest applicable level of commissons being reflected in results). Betfair customers can qualify for a discount on the level of commission paid, depending on their usage patterns etc. Such customers can change the 0% commission discount account setting, to reflect the amount of commission they actually pay, to be reflected in their 'private' systems. Consistency regarding the display of Gross and Nett columns in results for Back systems, will also allow for checking that any applicable commission rates have been correctly taken into account (similar to what we had already done when introducing Lay systems).

  • Saturday 08/06/19 Metro Sectional Time Data

     Just a quick note to advise that our usual upload of Sectional Time Data for Saturday Metro race meetings this evening (Sunday 09/06), will not take place until Monday evening (10/06), for this weekend's races. Unfortunately (particularly with regard to getting the Eagle Farm Group Races out as soon as possible) our Sectional Timing Office is out of action today. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes. The normal routine of Sunday evening upload of Saturday Metro race meetings, will resume again from next weekend (Saturday 15/06).

  • Website Upgrade

    We will be posting regular updates here as part of a re-organisation of the PF website and business. Education pieces or articles on subjects of interest will also appear here (under 'News').

    • An upgrade of our servers has now been completed. This moves us from underlying technology/software which was 7 years old and places us in a good position for improved 'responsiveness' and a better user experience on all fronts moving forward.
    • The PF User Forum has been removed. As indicated recently, our main focus is not to be a website where users gather for discussion with one another on topics of interest. We wish to focus our resources on the development of tools, which clients find make a 'valuable' contribution to their punting endeavors on thoroughbred horse racing (as well as our own). Clients (or potential clients) are welcome to communicate with PF using suppport@puntingform.com.au (for general enquiries, product support etc). For those wanting a sense of 'community' and a place to partake in wide ranging discussions with other punters, we can recommend https://www.punters.com.au/
    • Dynamic elements (those menu options which appear with mouse hover and change relative to latest site content / user permissions) have been removed from the Main Menu. Just click on the desired Menu item and further detailed links will become available. For instance, to access the latest Sectional Time Data; click on 'All Results' under the Form menu and all resulted meetings will be shown, along with an icon indicating those which have Sectional Time Data available.
    • Access to free PF 'form' content will now require log-in using Registered User details. This has become necessary for us to manage 'bots and scrapers'.

  • Download CSV form files

    Punting Form now offer the ability to download form files for all Australian, New Zealand and Hong Kong meetings.  The files are in a standard CSV format.  

    View a sample here.

    Form files are available at the same time as the regular online form and can be downloaded from the main meeting page.  Just click the download icon next to the meeting that you are after.

    A Pro Membership is required to access the files so if you are not already a member you can join up here for only $10 a week.

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