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thebaldman posted this comment 02/10/2015 08:02:26 AM

This system had a bad run through November and December, but has really come good over the past for 4 days. No longshot system on here can claim the same results with as few bets. There will be much more of the same results below to come....

Feb 9th: (4 bets) Smart Al 1st $41 & Settlers Stone 1st 65.50
Feb 8th: (12 bets) Imahoffa 1st $15... Bilo Bar 2nd $31, Noosa Heads 3rd $22.10
Feb 7th: (20 Bets) Arrised 1st $60.80... Watch This Space 3rd $74.70, King of Manners 3rd $11
Feb 6th: (9 bets) Latitat 1st $89.60... Nothing But Gold 3rd $61

Dezzy posted this comment 02/11/2015 20:00:02 PM

if u check all the systems it seems everyone had a bad run thru December. strange

thebaldman posted this comment 02/12/2015 11:44:49 AM

...another 2 great winners on the 11th, Ash for cash $13.70 & Charge Account $10.70.

POT is about 500% for the past week!

thebaldman posted this comment 02/13/2015 06:42:23 AM

Just a correction to the winners on 11th... Ash for Cash $40.10 (not $13.70)

So 6 bets bets for 2 winners $40.10 & $10.70

Since 6 February (7 days)
64 bets
7 wins
Return ($1 bet) $322.70

thebaldman posted this comment 02/24/2015 08:11:32 AM

Another brilliant winner on Monday (Benjiddah $58) from this system, absolutely smashing it in February... $12560 Profit at almost 142%.

177 Bets
15 Wins - average dividend $28.55

Many winners over $30 with biggest at $82, plus numerous placings returning $5 or more, making this system one of my best longshot eachway creations.

thebaldman posted this comment 03/30/2015 08:21:12 AM

Still smashing the results since February ($20,000 profit in period) with 2 winners over $10 and one at $21 on Sunday
93.59% PoT
7.7% Win%
33 Wins
426 Hits
24.99 Avg. D.
89.6 High D.
2.9 Low D.

thebaldman posted this comment 04/20/2015 17:55:24 PM

Now the most Successful System for the past 3 months... Another great winner on Saturday, plus some good longshot placings.

This system works awesome for consistant winners and collects when used with 3 of my other systems.

Massive wins and placings


Been There Done That

Amazing Maidens

All with top win strike and making profits since creation and for past 3 months!

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