Whats going on with the ratings there so far out its not funny.
there are so many differing options here which as usual gives the site an "out of clause" ive purchased ratings here for ages.
There so up and down its ridiculous.

i for one will purchase from outside these confines

There ratings could be so far as cue as too why some off the great systems on here have gone too the pot.

Sorry Guys im out Goodbye Good LUCK

Hi Brystar,

You are able to take an 'objective' look at the performance of our ratings using the system builder. The statistics do not seem to support your comments?

Here is a comparison of Rating performance for two periods;
Prior 6 months (28/5/16 to 28/11/16) Top Ranked
Last 6 months (28/11/16 to 28/5/17) Top Ranked
The POT figures are for Proportional Staking (which we believe provides the most useful analysis).

Neural Rating:
Prior 6 months; 23.2% SR, –5.6% POT
Last 6 months; 24.2% SR, –4.9% POT

Time Rating:
Prior 6 months; 20.1% SR, –3.8% POT
Last 6 months; 20.3% SR, –3.8% POT

Sect (L600) Rating:
Prior 6 months; 16.5% SR, –2.9% POT
Last 6 months; 16.8% SR, –3.8% POT

Weight Rating:
Prior 6 months; 19.8% SR, –5.2% POT
Last 6 months; 20.4% SR, –4.1% POT

But surely that goal must be too have it aimed as a positive not negative Pot


Our response to your original post was simply to see if the Ratings were, "....so up and down its ridiculous". The rating performance statistics we presented don't seem to support that statement. We tried to keep it very broad by looking at ALL top rated runners for the various ratings over the 6 month comparison periods (around 8,500 top ranked runners per rating type, in each period). It was not about trying to present statistics with a +ve POT, but looking to see if performance had changed or perhaps declined recently.

As to the goal of having a +ve POT; yes that would be wonderful. A rating that could deliver a +ve POT for all top ranked runners, considering EVERY race, would be quite rare and therefor difficult to find. Good luck with your search.

Great service lads, Tip for Brystar – create your own form guide using the #s provided ..You will be amazed !!!

liisa.g said:

Great service lads, Tip for Brystar – create your own form guide using the #s provided ..You will be amazed !!!

im not after form guides its ratings that i purchased


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DROPPING BACK is on fire has been for 3 months Kool dreams not Kool Vinny Kool fillies and mares and double Jack's going beautiful since creation only get small fee for someone who subscribed to these systems butt they are cranking and what kind of punter would i be if I didn't share given none of these systems are in the recent winners section
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Hi can anyone give me the settings for the neurals on racing and sports please that work.
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We have the software written for the correct implementation of Lay Systems using Betfair SP with commission taken into account. It also needs to report performance/profitability a little differently to that normally associated with Back or Win betting. This involves the full concept of turnover based on Liability. Anyway, we have a bit more testing to do and then it will be rolled out.
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Thank you puntingform. Yes, give us guys with winning systems in the green a chance. Also give the people who want a winning system a chance to find one that suits. Win–win–win www. Wicked Winning Ways
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Missing horse data

Thank you for the additional information on Trainer Statistics.

From a Systems point of view the only criteria available to be incorporated are Career Win and Career Place % S/R. These appear to be correct.

There are obviously some issues with the more exotic trainer stats and we are looking into those. The lifetime/career stats look correct, the problems seem to lie with the timed stats; the current season, last 12 months and last 50 runs. These stats look to be based upon horses in the current stable and do not take into account when those horses transferred into (or out of, for that matter) the stable. We are currently assessing the best way to address this issue.
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