Whats going on with the ratings there so far out its not funny.
there are so many differing options here which as usual gives the site an "out of clause" ive purchased ratings here for ages.
There so up and down its ridiculous.

i for one will purchase from outside these confines

There ratings could be so far as cue as too why some off the great systems on here have gone too the pot.

Sorry Guys im out Goodbye Good LUCK

Hi Brystar,

You are able to take an 'objective' look at the performance of our ratings using the system builder. The statistics do not seem to support your comments?

Here is a comparison of Rating performance for two periods;
Prior 6 months (28/5/16 to 28/11/16) Top Ranked
Last 6 months (28/11/16 to 28/5/17) Top Ranked
The POT figures are for Proportional Staking (which we believe provides the most useful analysis).

Neural Rating:
Prior 6 months; 23.2% SR, –5.6% POT
Last 6 months; 24.2% SR, –4.9% POT

Time Rating:
Prior 6 months; 20.1% SR, –3.8% POT
Last 6 months; 20.3% SR, –3.8% POT

Sect (L600) Rating:
Prior 6 months; 16.5% SR, –2.9% POT
Last 6 months; 16.8% SR, –3.8% POT

Weight Rating:
Prior 6 months; 19.8% SR, –5.2% POT
Last 6 months; 20.4% SR, –4.1% POT

But surely that goal must be too have it aimed as a positive not negative Pot


Our response to your original post was simply to see if the Ratings were, "....so up and down its ridiculous". The rating performance statistics we presented don't seem to support that statement. We tried to keep it very broad by looking at ALL top rated runners for the various ratings over the 6 month comparison periods (around 8,500 top ranked runners per rating type, in each period). It was not about trying to present statistics with a +ve POT, but looking to see if performance had changed or perhaps declined recently.

As to the goal of having a +ve POT; yes that would be wonderful. A rating that could deliver a +ve POT for all top ranked runners, considering EVERY race, would be quite rare and therefor difficult to find. Good luck with your search.

Great service lads, Tip for Brystar – create your own form guide using the #s provided ..You will be amazed !!!

liisa.g said:

Great service lads, Tip for Brystar – create your own form guide using the #s provided ..You will be amazed !!!

im not after form guides its ratings that i purchased


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$H1T.....I'm 60yo, and wouldn't have a clue what you guys are talking about.
Give me a pen and paper any day....LOL.
Hopefully, all our selections do the right thing for us.
Written by: ST.JAYDEE
2/13/2018 7:47:34 AM 5 Replies


Hi bootrouse;when you say the "price ranked horses" give you difficulty is it working out which selections may or may not be in the systems price range? As you subscribe to a couple of my systems which have minimum price criteria I thought offering my approach may help.
I take the fixed price on Bet 365 at 9am [when I generally place my bets] as the only price guide so if the system states a price above $8 then $8.50 fixed must be the minimum available.I place half my stake at fixed and the other half best tote.I don't worry about price firming or blowing;if a winner is missed so be it ,it's the disciplined approach that counts.
One other observation I would make is prefer a system with at least 18 months history[a lot longer is preferable] as many fly high for a few months before running out of steam.
Cheers Doug
Written by: dougmac
2/11/2018 7:06:02 PM 3 Replies

ANGELA BRAKEY.............Recent longshot winners, .....BUT

@Least a small heads up too all too let everybody know where / what stage its at
Written by: Brystar
2/10/2018 12:20:59 PM 13 Replies

Odds errors on favourites

I think there are more issues on 16 June 2017.

Examples include:

Toowoomba R5 #4 Atouchmore $57.40 when it should be $3.1
Toowoomba R7 #5 Tarhelm $7.30 when it should be $1.70
Dubbo R7 #3 Bee Double Bee $19.1 when it should be $4.60

There are more but what can one do?
Written by: Effer V
1/19/2018 2:25:32 PM 4 Replies

Price Qualifiers

Since first published what is the PoT% of this system?

So this system is still in its infancy but is in profit since going ‘live’. I know they say that publish/creation date is important and of course to see consistent results pre and post creation would be very reassuring, particularly over long periods of time. Having said that, all of my sports systems are based on the 5 previous season’s results for a particular league, so a system I have created for an upcoming season is essentially based off statistical hypothesis. Some tank, some do as expected and some excel. All bettors should have a diverse portfolio anyways.

How has it performed 2012– present?

For me personally, the amount of the past that we can see for this system doesn’t suit my preferences. That’s simply because I go by 5 previous years/seasons worth of results. It's still not always a winning angle and I would miss out on opportunities because of this outlook. I’m in no way downplaying or contradicting Formulator’s ability. He clearly has so many great ideas for different profitable systems. Formulator may well have discovered a fresh opportunity in the way the bookies do business and I truly I hope the forecasts for this system continue.

What do understand by the term 'statistical significance'?

When I’m creating systems for sports, it’s calculated from the previous 5 seasons of that particular league. I’m looking for profitability from at least 4 of 5 seasons as there will always be an anomaly season (it could be the upcoming season). If there is profit but it is decreasing in each progressing season, the bookies might be changing their angle so that’s a red light. If in each progressive season there are a similar amount of bets, win rate, and profits (or increasing), then I get excited. For my sports systems, statistical significance is time (5 year blocks) rather than number of bets (although a consistent number of bets each season is desirable). Without googling it though, I’m sure statistical significance also includes number of bets over time perhaps? I’m sure a system with 5,000 bets over 5 years (evenly spread, not one single year supporting the whole period), returning a POT of say %10 would encompass a dataset of statistical significance?

I think I understand where you are coming from EV. I know I'm using language like 'amazing', and rightly so in certain context, like I said it's all down to preference. All betting has an element of risk anyways. Some higher risk pays off quickly, lower risk pay can pay off slowly. At the end of the day all risk can tank.
Written by: minmininwin
1/15/2018 11:17:03 AM 12 Replies

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