Situated 99 kilometres from the north of the Central Business District of Adelaide is the historic farming town of Balaklava. Horse racing in this small town first started in 1903 where it was operated by the Balaklava Racing Club. Because it is a small town, every racing event is considered a great deal and a big social event for the locals.

The racecourse was officially built in 1907 and the Balaklava racecourse has a 2053m circumference with a huge home straight that measure up to 453m which is the longest straight in South Australia. All races here are run in a counter clockwise direction. There are starting chutes at 1000m, 1050m and 1400m. This does give markers plenty of time to make their way through and try to win the race.

A couple of races are held in this racecourse every year but the most prominent is the Balaklava Cup that is held the first Wednesday of the month of September. Attendance includes racing fans, locals, visitors, punters and even trainers from close by districts. The cup is also the largest and most attended race outside the metropolitan area of Adelaide.

Aside from the horse racing events that are held in this track from February up until November there are other social events that the club organises before races. These events are staged to promote the upcoming races. It can be a fashion competition or picnics plus they do features including mid week horse races.

With great horse racing events, plenty of food, wine and fashion all spectators will definitely enjoy their visit to the Balaklava Racecourse.

Balaklava (BKVA) - SA

Club Details:
Balaklava Racing Club
Racecourse Rd, Balaklava. S.A. 5461
(08) 8862 1503

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